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City Departments

Police Department

​​​​Stanford Police Department - Proudly Serving the Citizens of Stanford, KYChief Zachary Middleton

  • Captain​ Jeremy Garrison
  • Captain Ryan Kirkpatrick
  • Sergeant Greg Hill
  • SRO Sergeant Chase Marcum
  • Detective Joe Gilliland
  • ABC Administrator/Detective Barry Allen


  • Nick Adams
  • Jason Eldridge
  • Andy Ferguson
  • TJ Godbey
  • SRO Kyle Hester​
  • Jonathan Milburn​
  • Preston Middleton
  • SRO Ray Sayre
  • Mike Southerland
  • Johnny Williams

To obtain ACCIDENT REPORTS go to BuyCrash

Accident reports are only available to the people involved in the accident, the parents/guardians of a minor involved in an accident, the owner of the vehicle, the insurance companies, or attorneys representing someone who was involved in the car accident. Once you are on the website '' you must select "Kentucky" from the dropdown box and then select "Find Document".

Enter the required information (which can be found on the buycrash slip supplied to you by the officer who took your report), enter your credit card or Pay Pal information, and then you will be able to print a copy of your Kentucky accident report. If your insurance company is requesting a copy, please refer them to this site.​
The Stanford Police Department is now accepting applications for the Citizen Police Academy.  Applications may be printed by clicking on the below link and are due by Tuesday, September 12, 2022. Successful applicants will be notified by September 16, 2022.
You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Lincoln County to attend.
Classes will begin September 19, 2022 at 6pm and will meet every Monday from 6pm-8pm with the last class being November 7, 2022.
Applications may be dropped off at the PD, City Hall or mailed to 305 East Main Street, Stanford, KY 40484.

PSA 5K Street Closure.pdf
4/21/2021 3:12 PMJone Allen
PSA Children Hot Cars.pdf
11/13/2020 4:29 PMJone Allen
PSA fireworks.pdf
11/13/2020 4:29 PMJone Allen
PSA Fraudulent Schemes.pdf
6/22/2022 8:55 AMJone Allen
PSA High Water.pdf
11/13/2020 4:28 PMJone Allen
PSA Identity Theft Claims.pdf
4/21/2021 3:12 PMJone Allen
PSA Identity Theft.pdf
11/13/2020 4:27 PMJone Allen
PSA Internet Crimes Against Children.pdf
4/21/2021 3:12 PMJone Allen
PSA Protests.pdf
11/13/2020 4:29 PMJone Allen
PSA Suicide Awareness.pdf
4/21/2021 3:11 PMJone Allen
PSA Theft from Vehicles.pdf
11/13/2020 4:30 PMJone Allen
PSA Theft.pdf
11/13/2020 4:30 PMJone Allen